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Welcome to Campbell’s - Quilting by Marge!


























Quilting by Marge offers Long-arm quilting services, to complete quilt construction.  We can put photos onto fabric for you, and even fix some flaws in the photos first.   Our services are many, and we offer the highest quality and the fairest prices.

 Our Long-arm services range from all over meandering, semi-custom feathers & designs, to most any computerized design you desire to have put on your quilt.  No job is too small, and we can do up to a king size quilt with ease.

Our machine of choice is the Tin Lizzie 18 LS, and it’s been a great machine.  Prior to the Lizzie, we used a Nustyle 227 that we used until we upgraded to the Lizzie.  We have recently added a QBOT quilting robot to Lizzie & also have the ability to add custom designs to your quilting project.

Browse our Web site for more information about Campbell's & Quilting by Marge. If you have any questions or would like to speak with Marge about our quilting, photos to fabric, photo restoration, and complete custom quilt making services , please e-mail us at or call us at 1(806) 523-8061.

At Campbell's & Quilting by Marge, the customer always comes first. We strive to help you make your quilting project come out exactly as you envisioned.








New! Now offering Computerized Quilting!  We have upgraded our quilting machine with the QBOT quilting robot.  We can add special digitized quilting to your quilt!  If your quilt is racecar oriented, we can quilt a racecar panto, or horses, kittens, puppies, etc.  Design samples are available & more being added as we get them in stock.  If we have the design in stock, there is no extra charge, if we have to purchase the design, and it’s not something we think we can use again, we may add a small fee.  We can digitize line art also, to make a customized panto or motif for your quilt.  There will be a small fee for this also, as digitizing takes time.

Contact Marge for more information. 






















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